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Spotted Sea Trout Goes Off…

April 12, 2011

for Michelle and Dave as we fished St Augustine and the Palm Coast area, we pulled up to our first hot spot and started catching all upper slot trout. It was a banner Trout day for sure as we fed live shrimp to one big trout after another till we had our limit. We also had some blue fish mixed in as well as these guys seem to be everywhere.

After catching trout we headed in search of some redfish were Dave pulled out this beauty

Capt. Chris’s Fishing Tips

Trout is a great fish to catch since it makes great table fair and normally you can catch a bunch in one spot.

 Rigging for Trout

 A simple rig consist of a 7ft. inshore fishing rod, 10-15lb. braided line, 30 inch 15lb. Flouro carbon leader, small bb split shot and a 1/0 Daiichi circle hook.  Cast up current and let the shrimp drift down current and slowly lift the rod when you feel the bump.

Locating Trout

Creek mouths, area inlets and the ICW are great places to look. I like a moving tide more so the outgoing since trout will stack at creek mouths but for the ICW or Inlets just as long as the water is moving.  The areas mentioned should be holding bait fish for a successful trout outing.


Last Days OF Sight Fishing…..

March 31, 2011

were spent with George and Don as we headed out mid morning for some redfish action. We started by fishing St Augustine’s shallow water flats in search of last chance schools that we found with out a problem. Shallow water glassy conditions is the ideal conditions to sight fish redfish and that’s the conditions we had. We not only physically saw the redfish but could see them “pushing” wakes in the distance. A properly placed live shrimp on a Daiichi 1/0 circle hook would result in a caught fish. After the charter the guys took their catch to JT’s Seafood Shack where fresh blackened redfish was the main course.

Capt. Chris’s Fishing Tips

With the water clarity starting to diminish its time to break out the “search lures”. Search lures is a term given to lures that cover water quickly like gold spoons, topwater plugs, inline spinners and spinnerbaits. These lures are great for stained waters because of the flash, vibration and noise they produce to attract fish on the flats. live bait fisherman searching for redfish should soak cut bait like mullet, pinfish or ladyfish around oyster beds where redfish can pick up the scent.

Palm Coast/ St Augustine Fishing Report 11-13-10

November 15, 2010

With the winds starting to settle a bit in St. Augustine Tom and Chris joined me as my guest in search of some redfish.  I had a well full of shrimp ready to tackle the creeks but Tom was more interested in catching reds with artificial lures. Our first stop wasn’t producing so I headed north to a creek where I knew Chris could bend a rod on live shrimp and Slayer inc jighead. Chris caught several small reds while Tom stayed true the lures and was only rewarded with one small redfish on a Slayer inc. jighead and Fishbites Extreme paddle tail. The tide was starting to get right for the shallow flats so we left the creeks in search of bigger redfish.

It wasn’t long before we spotted our first, second and third redfish as we polled the skiff within casting range to redfish that were actively feeding along the grass line. Tom was up on the bow when one of the reds swam towards us and a perfectly casted bait was rewarded with a tight line and a singing drag.

Capt. Chris Herrera

still chasing Cobia on the beach Palm Coast / St. Augustine Report

May 11, 2010

Landon is all smiles when he landed this beauty of a Cobia that ate a live shrimp on a cajun thunder/ slayer inc. jighead combo.

April 8, 2008
Fishing at first light or last light still proves to be successful with topwater plugs. High Rollers 4.25 stick bait in a mullet pattern proved to be the gator trout lure of choice along with High Rollers Rip Roller prop bait for those who cannot “walk the dog”. When the topwater bite tapers off go for subsurface suspending baits like a MirrOdine or lipped diving plugs worked with a stop and go retrieve.Redfish continue to shadow mullet seeking refuge on top of oyster beds and will be fooled by Culprit Jerk shad in Goby color rigged on their new Screw Lock Jigs. Look for Snook to show up heavy this month, local bridges, docks and seawalls fished at night will produce linesiders. Live select shrimp, pinfish and lipped diving plugs are local favorites when chasing snook but remember to use a minimum of 30lb. leaders to avoid cut offs. Daytime snook will explode on HighRoller stick baits, look for the bait on the flats and the snook won’t be far behind.Inlets and nearby creeks with drop offs will hold flatties and doormats waiting to eat a live mullet on a fish finder rig or mud minnow pinned on a jig head. For shallow water flounder try a redfish magic or inline spinners.Spanish Mackerel will invade our near coastal waters just outside of Matanzas Inlet, proven techniques for Spanish is to slow troll spoons or look for acres size schools chasing bait on the surface.
Coop wanted to bend a rod so we hit Matanzas armed with live shrimp for Black drum and ended up with these reds.

The past few mornings have offered favorable conditions to locate schools of redfish at first light, approaching the schools in stealth mode and pitching a live shrimp on a Daiichi circle hook proved to be a slam dunk for Forrest

This mornings conditions were a complete opposite of yesterday’s, wind was putting a good chop on the flats so locating schools was pretty tough today. Staking out and fan casting a RipTide jerkbait rigged on a Daiichi buttdragger John boated this red:

As soon as the chop turned to white caps we split in search of protected water and tossed a HighRoller topwater. On Johns 4 or 5 cast after missing a few Jacks this snook decideds to join in on the action:

Capt. Chris Herrera

Picture video

March 27, 2008

Here a few pictures from previous trips from Mosquito Lagoon to St. Augustine including Palm Coast and Flagler Beach

 Palm Coast fishing, St. Augustine fishing and Mosquito Lagoon are areas where redfish thrive on the shallow water flats and creeks. Call today and book your adventure on the shallow waters of Palm Coast, St. Augustine or Mosqiuito Lagoon.


Palm Coast, St. Augustine March Fishing Forecast

March 24, 2008

Springtime is around the corner and should bring the mullet out of their winter hiding holes. Redfish will start to scatter on the flats and will be hanging around the pods of mullet eating whatever gets kicked up. Look along Spartina grass edges, oyster patches during high tides and ICW for low tides. RipTide Pro Jigheads with a RipTide 3 inch mullet, topwater plugs and jerkbaits are proven lures that work for reds in March. Trout will be devouring topwater plugs at first light along ICW, creek mouths and docks. Once sun gets high, whip out that jig and soft plastic for subsurface trout. Bluefish will be around Matanzas Inlet mixed in with the trout. Flounder can be found on the flats during all stages of the tide also in creek holes and inlets. Finger size mullet on a fish finder rig or a mud minnow on a jighead should do the trick.  Snook will show up from winter holding spots if water temps warm rapidly or else look for them in April.  Capt. Chris Herrera of Palm Coast Fishing Charters (386) 437-2545

Cooper with a “Gator trout” Caught with a Riptide Realistic Shrimp

Jim Coleman poses with a Redfish who fell for a RipTide Realistic shrimp

Ling hooks her first Redfish ever out of a small school with a RipTide Screw Jig and RipTide 3″ mullet